Pathfinders International was incorporated on the 25th of April 1988 with registration number RC 112123.

Noted as the pivotal mechanism in Aviation Security, Pathfinders has built a prestigious name for itself offering unparalled aviation security to both major International Regional Airlines. This is achieved through training, motivation and dedication of personnel as well as incorporation of highly technical and administrative personnel to carry out its functions. Safety and Security is our watchword and this is achieved with strict adherence to IATA, NCAA, ICAO, GCAA,GACL,LCAA,LAA,SLCAA,SLAA Ghana State security and all other Aviation Regulatory bodies’ guidelines both in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Upon employment, they undergo in-house training with our trained managers and supervisors during their probation period, after which they would be trained by IATA and ICAO certified training consultants within six months of employment.

Our personnel are trained to cover various departments such as cargo Aviation Security, Passenger service Aviation Security, Travel Document Screening and Passenger Profiling, Explosive Trace Detection Screening, Airport Office Support Service, Cargo Haulage and Logistics Support, Ticketing and Reservations, Customer Service, Cargo General Operations, Crew movement, Nigeria Customs Services Forwarding and Clearing Service, Dimension and Weight Restriction Service at Check in Counter and Boarding gate services, etc.

Our trained personnel are used to servicing different models of Aircraft. Pathfinders International is fully operational in South Africa. Our track record with these Airlines has obviously proven our capacity and competence in actualizing our vision and our company’s mission statement “TRUSTED SERVICE” Our operational personnel are backed with a prudent and efficient Head Office personnel made up of a dynamic Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Administrator, Lawyers, Information Technology and Expatriate Consultants to give an overall Organizational efficiency. It is a little wonder that whenever there is talk about Air safety and smooth operations, the Pathfinders name is always mentioned!

Our Vision

To be a world class leading private security company with superior intelligence through competent, disciplined, smart-looking, and well equipped personnel in response to clients needs.

Our Mission

To provide professional services to the African continent, through the use of competent, disciplined, smart-looking and well equipped personnel in response to clients needs.