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Air Transportation is one of the most popular modes of transport among passengers due to its many advantages. Speed has always been one of the driving forces in the history of aviation. Punctuality is another highly valued factor for passengers guaranteeing the optimization of time. Lastly, the Security of air transport is the hallmark on which customer trust is built.
The basic idea of safety and security is protecting assets from hazards and threats creating safe and secure conditions. Safety is about being protected, while the security is about to begin free from danger. The difference between beginning protected and begin free from danger or threat are entwined. History has shown that aviation had to face changing threats year after year. This means that legislators, airports, airline passengers, and staff have to adapt to the evolving processes altering air travel regulations and in turn customer experience. The greatest challenge in aviation is maintaining the highest level of security without affecting efficiency as little as possible and still continuing to offer the best service and quality to passengers and airlines alike.
The COVID 19 pandemic has affected the aviation sector in general. It has altered the security procedures in our airport and aviation protocol. Due to the principle of social distancing, it has become imperative for security personnel to imbibe the use of a handheld metal detector and walk through the metal detector for the screening of passengers. Instead of the recommended 100% Body search of all passengers, by IATA after the failed attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab popularly referred to as the Underwear Bomber. At this stage, it’s important for the various aviation security agencies to make use of the Explosive Trace Detector, in order to identify any individuals who carry explosives or objects that contain explosives which are likely to be contaminated with traces of explosives, microscopic residues that are invisible to the naked eyes.
Also, passengers should undergo a temperature check before begin allowed to assess the checking counter and boarding of the aircraft. Social distancing protocols must be observed – a minimum of (1.5m) Social distancing. Passengers are also required to wear their face masks and make use of the floor markings at security screening areas. The restriction of multiple departures of flights from the same terminal or Boarding Gate will reduce the number of passengers due to limited space in our airport.

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