Every employee must be safety conscious. The nature of the company’s business imposes this consciousness on all.

The company is divided into three (3) major zones.

The safety zones are Pathfinders Head office, Clients Head office and the Airport.

An unsafe act by the employees in any safety zone, attracts severe disciplinary action which may include summary dismissal.

Management will provide a clean and safe work environment as well as appropriate occupational health services.

 It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that the safe work culture of the company is sustained and improved upon.

There is a standing safety committee in the company, which reviews information regarding accidents, injuries, unsafe work practices and work plan hazards, evaluating their causes and promoting preventive and corrective action.


To sustain safety awareness in the company, regular training is provided for employees. Safety drills and competition are also held.

One week is set aside every year to remind every employee of the importance of safety.

Employees are reminded to be fully involved in these training Programs.

Our Personnel are trained on the use of first aid services by a team of medical consultants.