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You’ll be empowered to discover your true potential. You’ll get the opportunity to learn and grow with a diverse group of people.We encourage collaboration and we believe that by sorrounding you with a great team, your creativity will flourish and inspire great ideas.


There are a number of things which make a company a good place to work, from reward and recognition to support and challenges, and you will find them all here at Pathfinders.  Our company cultivates a workplace environment in which knowledge is shared openly and skills are passed from one person to another.  Our people-centric culture encourages interaction and teamwork while creating a truly inspiring place to work.  We understand that learning is a competitive advantage and therefore we are dedicated to developing people to reach the peak of their capabilities.  We want to equip each and every employee with the opportunity to be successful in order to contribute to the overall success and growth of the business.  Our objective is to strengthen and develop outstanding employees to accomplish exceptional results

NASCO offers world-class development opportunities in a fast-paced work environment that fosters personal, professional and corporate growth.  Our talent management strategy is to invest in employees and create a performance-driven company that can attract, reward and retain the best talent.  Our internal job posting program promotes talent from within and encourages employees to seek exceptional career and transfer opportunities across the entire Group.  We also provide career advancement and leadership opportunities that enable highly-motivated individuals to excel.

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