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The Question of Questioning session at Behavioural Analysis 2024 addresses how to resolve concerns we might have about an individual by means of investigative interviewing and our ability to elicit information. Observing suspicious behaviours is the easy part, determining whether such concerns were indicative of a threat to a person or facility requires more advanced skillsets.

Our panel, moderated by Diana Nowek, is very international in nature, with speakers from Australia, Iceland and Nigeria.

Dr David Keatley, author of “The Deception Detection Handbook: Read my lips, Mark my words” will be exploring behaviour detection in the context of a security interview with his presentation, “Deception Detection: it’s not what you say or the way that you say it”.

Detective Chief Inspector Eiríkur Valberg, of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police (and also a lecturer in criminal investigation at the University of Akureyri ) will be providing delegates with an Icelandic perspective on suspect interviews and questioning whether, indeed, there is any proven value in reading body language, or nonverbal communication, during such processes.

And the session concludes with a West African perspective on human intuition and investigative interviewing in which Nkechi Onyenso, the Managing Director & CEO of Pathfinders International Limited, shares her operational experience and some specific illustrative case studies.

Join the debate at Behavioural Analysis 2024 in London 21-23 May.

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